Web & Desktop Apps

Enterprise app stores are fast becoming the ideal way to manage the distribution of mobile apps to employees using mobile devices. However, many companies are now looking at using the same easy-to-use app store paradigm to centrally distribute other enterprise applications such as web, HTML5 and desktop apps.

Employees are now faced with multiple locations and methods when accessing corporate apps. At the same time, corporate IT is challenged in dealing with the myriad of application types, platforms and device endpoints.


  • No consistent access for corporate applications
  • Lack of control & tracking over distribution
  • Many app platforms, device endpoints

The Solution

Enterprise AppZone offers a way to consolidate the publishing and distribution of corporate applications whether they be mobile, web/HTML5 or desktop. The cloud based solution can be easily setup and minimal training required of IT or the end user. Private app stores can be setup in minutes and employees gain access to apps through a familiar consumer style app store interface.


  • Easy-to-use app store for all apps
  • Quick to setup and easy to manage
  • Little to no training required
Common Profiles

  • Medium to Large Enterprises
  • Companies with a mix of app types