Mobile Workforce

Companies with a mobile workforce require special tools to properly equip personnel while in the field. The challenge is that traditional methods such as hard copy documents, clip boards  and even laptops can be obsolete and cumbersome.

Documents such as technical manuals or product information can be outdated , difficult to carry or simply missing. Laptops, while portable and can carry large amounts of data, can be cumbersome to operate, takes time to boot, have limited connectivity and a short battery life.


  • Documents outdated or missing
  • Cumbersome to carry
  • Laptops not easy-to-use, lack connectivity
  • Long boot-up time, short battery life

The Solution

Today’s mobile workforce need a better tool to maximize productivity in the field. Workers can be outfitted with  tablet devices that provide easy access to  apps and documents. Tablets offer instant on capabilities, have a long battery life and universal connectivity. Combined with an enterprise app store, apps and documents can easily be distributed and managed across a large workforce and mobile device types.


  • Results in more efficient operations
  • Ease-of use, minimal training
  • Access to network on demand
  • Instant on, long battery life
Mobile Workforce Profiles

  • Field Operators
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Civil Service Workers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Direct Salesforce
Common Industries

  • Energy Management
  • Natural Resources
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare