License Management

Mobile devices have entered the enterprise, but how will companies deal with app procurement and license management?

Consumer app stores such as iTunes and Google Play are modeled after an individual purchaser and owner, which presents challenges for companies. What companies need is a way to procure apps in volume, using POs and a way to own and control app licenses.


  • Lack of PO purchasing options
  • Lack bulk app purchasing and distribution
  • No ownership and control over licenses

The Solution

Enterprise AppZone offers a curated business apps marketplace that allows companies to purchase mobile apps in volume, using POs or credit cards, and allows the company to retain ownership and control over app licenses. The marketplace currently offers business apps for Android with future plans for Windows. While commercial iOS apps must be purchased via iTunes, Enterprise AppZone supports the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) so that the app licenses can be centrally managed and distributed to end-users.


  • Support corporate procurement processes
  • Company control and ownership over apps
  • Tracking and monitoring of license distribution
Common Profiles

  • Educational
  • Government
  • Corporate Procurement