Unlike corporate owned devices, BYOD policies need to consider ease of user adoption and personal privacy. Traditional mobile device management (MDM) solutions focused on device-level security and asset management.

BMC AppZone is BYOD friendly. It allows IT to control corporate apps without interfering with personal choices on the device. Furthermore, while MDM is designed as an IT-control tool, BMC AppZone is modeled after consumer-style app stores with the same easy self-service and flexibility, while enabling IT management of enterprise-owned app licenses.

BMC AppZone can be used to complement MDM solutions. Some customers use MDM for corporate issued/controlled devices and BMC AppZone for BYOD, or you can use BMC AppZone for app delivery and management while using MDM for device-level security.

Feature Comparison

Enterprise App Store


Mobile Device Mgmt

Lightweight, easy to deploy Yes   No
Avoids user privacy, liability issues Yes   Yes
Maintains enterprise ownership of app licenses Yes   Yes
Distributes apps to external users (ie. contractors and customers) Yes   No
Publishes documents as well as apps Yes   No
Manages app policies such as required apps and versioning Yes   Yes
App security scanning Yes   External
Deactivate, reclaim, and reallocate app licenses Yes   Yes
Device-level control such as device wipe, monitoring, blacklisting, pwd locks No   Yes