Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of apps are supported?

A: Mobile, web, HTML5 and desktop apps can all be supported through BMC AppZone. End users will be able to access the appropriate applications through the endpoint of their choice.

Q: What platforms does it support?

A: Android and iOS devices; Mac and Windows desktops.

Q: Can I distribute/manage documents and content, not just apps?

A: Yes, BMC AppZone supports other content types such as documents and files.

Q: Does this help me manage BYOD?

A: Yes. BMC AppZone’s secure, yet lightweight approach is ideal for BYOD policies. It helps avoid personal privacy and liability issues compared to MDM implementations. Click here for more details.

Q: What about LDAP/AD?

A: We support integration/synchronization with LDAP and Active Directory. You can also invite users individually or import from a spreadsheet.

Q: How is this different from Mobile Device Management?

A: MDM focuses more on device-level security, management and control; BMC AppZone is designed for app and user management and is BYOD-friendly.

Q: What if I already have MDM?

A: BMC AppZone can be used to complement MDM solutions. Some customers use MDM for corporate issued/controlled devices and BMC AppZone for BYOD, or you can use BMC AppZone for app delivery and management while using MDM for device-level security.

Q: Can I manage and publish iOS apps?

A: Yes, enterprise iOS apps can be published and managed within BMC AppZone. Commercial iOS apps can be whitelisted within the company store so users have a central location for all corporate approved apps.

Q: What about Apple VPP?

A: We support the management of VPP redemption codes (licenses). You can centrally manage and distribute VPP redemption codes through BMC AppZone.

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