Are you a mobile app developer? Do you have apps you want to sell or distribute to business customers?

Consumer app stores are simply not suited for the business buyer – lack of business focus and curation; no volume or PO purchasing options; no auditing and tracking of app licenses.

The Enterprise AppZone Store is uniquely designed for business customers to purchase and procure mobile apps in a way that supports corporate buying processes, license ownership, and auditing and tracking. By publishing apps for sale or download through the Enterprise AppZone Store, your apps will be exposed to corporate IT and mobile administrators, purchasers and end-users alike

Have vertical apps for sale? Enterprise AppZone customers represent a broad variety of industries such as Technology, Media, Education, Government, Energy, Consumer Products,  Healthcare, and Natural Resources.

Advantages for the Business Buyer:

  • Business focused
  • Apps are pre-vetted/scanned
  • Curated categories
  • Volume purchasing
  • PO or credit card processing
  • License management

Advantages for the Developer:

  • Channel to business customers
  • Ability to sell apps in volume
  • Supports free and paid apps
  • We handle the transactions
  • We manage the entire system
  • Reporting and tracking

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