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Universal App Store for Corporate IT

Give your employees a choice of apps through a familiar app store experience tailored to your business. Employees can individualize their work environments from the curated catalog of apps you publish in a privately labeled enterprise app store. Individual flexibility and productivity are enhanced and IT maintains supervision of business apps. Read more about how BMC AppZone can work for you and your business users.

An Integral Part of the MyIT Experience

BMC MyIT engages business users with intuitive, anytime, anywhere IT services. BMC AppZone is fully integrated into the MyIT user interface, so users can easily navigate to the assistance and resources they need, maximizing productivity for both business users and IT staff. More

Enterprise App Marketplace for Customers

Now you can easily deploy the familiar app store experience to your customers, gain insight on their interests, and enhance your sales opportunities. BMC Marketplace is a showcase of solutions built around your brand. This turnkey solution enables you to onboard and manage partner solutions with less effort than traditional e-commerce platforms. Increase customer engagement with your own enterprise app marketplace. More

An Enterprise App Store Can Change Your Business for the Better

Mobile, desktop and cloud apps are converging rapidly on the enterprise, yet corporate may be ill suited to handle the variety of applications types, platforms and endpoint devices that users will be using to access business applications. Discover how to tap into the power of a private, corporate app store.

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Empower Users and IT with a Universal App Store

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People download personal mobile apps routinely through consumer app stores. Enterprise users need the same simplicity and convenience—on mobile, desktop and cloud platforms. This BMC INDUSTRY INSIGHTS paper explores how IT can use a universal app store to increase user productivity while making app delivery more efficient, secure, and cost-effective. Get the paper now